Consumers Finally Provided a Little Protection

As of July roofing companies operating or doing business in the state of Kansas are now required to register with the state. With this consumers will have a place on the states website to check and see if the roofing company they plan to work with is registered and licensed with the state of Kansas. Changes like this are great for consumers and will help to prevent fraud, but these changes will not eliminate it. It is still important for consumers to use the tools available to them to check the history of a company. When you are spending the amount of money required for a roof replacement it is important to check a few thing before you choose a company.

  1. Better Business Bureau rating.
    The Better Business Bureau offers a simple way to see if a company is rated and provides a rating system to show if they have complaints against them. Additionally the BBB has mediators that protect companies and consumers from seeing false claims.
  2. Google Local
    Google local will provide a list of business in your area as well as a rating system that will show you what people have said about the company you are thinking of working with.
  3. Certifications
    Most companies have a website, check to see if they are certified with any of the major organizations in the roofing industry or by a shingle manufacturer. You can also visit the manufacturers website to see if they are a recommended roofing company.
  4. Talk to Friends and Family
    This can be a great way to find out about companies, remember to ask around a few people and get some different opinions. Most people have hundreds of connections on social media, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can be a great place to find out and hear stories of the success your friends and family have had as well as the failures.

None of this is fool proof but at the end of the day the more you look into it the less likely you are to spend thousands of dollars for bad workmanship. With the internet at our fingertips and information so readily available it should be easy for consumers to find the information they need to help determine if the company they intend to use is a quality trusted roofing company.