It’s no secret that the 2013/14 winter season has been quite an active one! With record-breaking snowfall totals both this year and last year in the Midwest, Ol’ Man Winter has been a busy guy lately. When you add a few extra windy days to a rough winter that can many times equal to some roof damage. It is highly recommended that you call a roofing professional to come and take a thorough look at your roof after every winter, but especially after the kind of winter we’ve had this year. Wind, hail, and accumulating ice and snow all can do a real number on your roof whether you can see it or not. Having a Spring inspection done when the weather has warmed up a bit and given any snow or ice time to melt is the smart thing for any home owner to do.

Why do I need an inspection?

We all know the phrase, “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. That applies in the case of possible roof damage. Many times you can get a free inspection done by a roofing specialist who knows what to look for. He will look for damage done to your shingles from heavy winds and blowing debris. He will also search for spots where snow accumulated and didn’t drain away properly. Pooled water can be hiding underneath the surface, though the roof may actually look dry. Inside the home water spots or stains on your upper level ceiling may be visible and is a good sign of moisture getting in from the roof. If water or moisture is not attended to in your attic space, you are at risk of mold or mildew growing inside your home. Allowing a professional to come and get a good look and be sure all is well is worth some peace of mind for most homeowners. If there is a problem, the inspector will give you an estimate of how much damage there is and what it may cost to repair. If you’ve caught the damage in time for it to be a small repair, you’ve done yourself a good service by having an inspection done before a small problem became a big problem.

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